Hello, World.

I'm a software developer who aims to help make the world a better place one project at a time.

I'm currently a first year B.A. Computer Science candidate at the University of British Columbia.

About Me

I've been coding since 7 years old and since then, my philosophy is to create for others and to create to learn. That is to realize that doing great is being able to help the lives of others in any way, shape, or form.

My main focus is software development through the use of web applications, fullstack solutions, and the like. But I'm still open to learning new things such as machine learning and more.

I hope to do well and to do great -- for and with others.

Latest Projects

SignLingo [UBC Local Hack Day - Build Day 2019]

SignLingo is an ASL learning tool that translates visual hand signs into alphabetic characters with the goal of making communication more accessible to those with hearing impairments.

X-LEARN [Hack the North 2019]

X-LEARN is a web-based application which detects different diseases on patient X-ray photos. We harness machine learning to give doctors accurate predictions on aliments.

ChargeUp [DubHacks 2019]

chargeUP is a web application which allows users to rent out and locate the nearest personal EV charging ports.

Project Amihan

Project Amihan is a collaborative effort to crowdsource air quality data in different sectors around the Philippines. Through Project Amihan, users are able to download air quality data for research purposes and the like.

XS VoYC 2020 Website [Freelance Work]

The Xavier School Voice of the Youth Concert (XS VoYC) aims to promote its chosen advocacy through a celebration of music and entertainment. Hosted yearly, the Xavier School Variety Show receives an audience of over two thousand attendees. The concert showcases a wide array of talented performers, including bands, dance troupes, celebrities, and much more.